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The goal of LJH Ambulance is to provide the best possible service daily, on every call, and for every patient. To accomplish that, we require personnel of the highest qualifications and motivations.

LJH Employees are that and more. They are professionals, dedicated to providing the best care possible. Each dispatcher, paramedic, emergency medical technician, registered nurse or administrative support member, individually exhibits a constant desire to excel in his or her chosen field. Every potentially new employee is screened for those positive attributes which contribute to their personal success, and thereby,
the success of LJH Ambulance and it's clients.

About Us

Certain standards are defined for, and are expected of LJH personnel. Though self-regulation, our employees assure themselves of the recognition and pride that is part of working for a successful private ambulance provider.

Individual pride is taken in personal appearance and attitudes.
Continuing education is a constant for many employees.

In the final analysis, the abilities and characteristics of each employee are important composites of the larger entity that is LJH Ambulance.LJH is more than just a place to work; it's a place to belong!

Janet B. Helton
President and Chief Executive Officer