2010 LJH Ambulance, Inc. / Notice of Privacy Practices

LJH Ambulance will perform any type of stretcher transport to
or from any facility. These transports include, but are not limited
to, hospitals, nursing homes, diagnostic centers, physician's
offices, patient's residence, special events, airports, etc. We
perform these transports on either an Advanced Life Support, Basic Life Support or Critical Care Paramedic basis as needed.

Our primary service areas are the counties of Kenosha and Racine. We also provide service to the northern Illinois suburbs. This in no way means that we provide transfers only in our primary service area. LJH Ambulance routinely provides all types of transfers outside of our local service area, including Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago and elsewhere.

In order to provide quick response times to all of the local hospitals
and nursing homes, LJH Ambulance has located their facility centrally in the city of Kenosha. This enables us to respond to any facility in a reasonable time period.

LJH Ambulance paramedics are certified to a level of training beyond that of a typical Wisconsin Certified Paramedic. LJH Ambulance paramedics can transport patients on who are being medicated with nitroglycerin, heparin, cardizem, potassium chloride, and on whom parenteral nutrition (TPN) drips are infusing. LJH Ambulance paramedics also offer transport of patients who are being ventilated with a mechanical ventilator.

If a patient requires care beyond the level of a paramedic we offer Specialty Care Transports performed by Critical Care Paramedics. Our Critical Care Paramedics possess the knowledge and experience to transport highly acute, sick or injured patients.